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Design, Construction, Maintenance

As featured in Grand Designs Australia Magazine! (we’re quite proud).

Our involvement in this project began in the early stages of the architects’ planning.

Ben Callery Architects, who transformed this grand heritage home, were conscious of creating a seamless integration of the outdoor space.

The garden and pool that we designed, created a link to the repurposed stables at the rear of the property but we also had to accommodate more practical items, such as underground water storage, a basketball hoop, off-street parking and a sheltered place to sit and entertain.

We accomplished this through built-in seating, which helped zone the garden but also could sit large numbers without having to move furniture. The occasional off-street parking also works as play space for the cantilevered basketball ring and houses the water tank underneath.
We continue to maintain this garden and are thrilled to watch it develop.

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